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Please find below a comprehensive pricing guide for our Exterior 2 Panel Paint Grade - Engineered Wood Shaker door slabs.

Your rep will be able to configure a jamb set up for single or multiple doors, doors that swing, slide or bifold. Most of our products are available in any wood type, any size, and any multiple door configuration. Quotations are available for locks, hardware, frames, mouldings, finishing and installation. Your representatives are always available for consultation at 1-888-238-2687 and many are professional designers. For specific technical assistance ask for engineering at 604-677-1144


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Exterior 2 Panel Paint Grade


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Engineered Wood ShakerEngineered Wood CraftsmanEngineered Wood Raised Panel
MDF Shaker MDF Craftsman MDF Raised Panel
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Glass Options:

The default for interior doors is clear glass and exterior doors is low-E argon clear glass. Options include white lami, rain, granite and virtually any other type of art glass, and any combination of true divided lite bars..

Products | Engineered Wood Shaker

Shaker style doors are defined by the square edge on the glass or panel, typically with no stops. They are also available in square stops with reveal on one or both sides (add 35 % to the basic door price). Doorex designers are standing by to help you.






Engineered Wood Shaker 24" CALL CALL CALL CALL
Engineered Wood Shaker 26" CALL CALL CALL CALL
Engineered Wood Shaker 28" CALL CALL CALL CALL
Engineered Wood Shaker 30" $390.00 $442.00 $468.00 $494.00
Engineered Wood Shaker 32" $416.00 $468.00 $494.00 $520.00
Engineered Wood Shaker 34" $442.00 $494.00 $520.00 $546.00
Engineered Wood Shaker 36" $468.00 $520.00 $546.00 $572.00
Engineered Wood Shaker 42" CALL CALL CALL CALL
Engineered Wood Shaker 48" CALL CALL CALL CALL
Engineered Wood Shaker Sidelite 12" CALL CALL CALL CALL
Engineered Wood Shaker Sidelite 15" CALL CALL CALL CALL
Engineered Wood Shaker Sidelite 18" CALL CALL CALL CALL

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