Door Seattle

Parts and Hardware

Our extensive selection of door parts and hardware can be tailored for your job and machined in our shop to your specifications.


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Locks and Handles

Take a look at our extensive selection of Doorex, Weiser, Schlage and Emtek hardware

Doors Jambs

Make yourself an impression of our premium templates. Fill out the form and get a sample copy for evaluation purposes.

Bifold and Bypass

Our door jambs can be custom run for rain screen, pairs, arch's wide walls, build ups, rips and shadow lines. Our reps are experts at making this key decision work on the job site.

Mailboxes, Slots and Viewers

Ask your rep about our extensive selection of these products and have your doors pre machined in our shop for easy job site installation.


From stainless to invisible, ball bearing to square butt, steeple topped to NRP, we stock a complete selection of hinges for your job.

Multi points

Multi point hardware is an excellent way to secure exterior doors at more than just the center lock point. For severe weather situations and extra protection from warping and twisting doors, multi point adds an architectural feel to your finished product,


Doors Seattle Creer Industries has a large selection of door parts and door hardware for interior doors, exterior doors, commercial doors & residential doors.

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